The term "disk space" may also be called "disk quota" or "data storage", still all these terms refer to the very same thing - the volume of info that you can upload to a hosting account. The overall size of everything you have is calculated by accumulating the storage space consumed by the overall content in your account, the most obvious being the data files that you upload. Two other things are often overlooked by a lot of end users, though - e-mails along with databases. Larger attachments and databases of huge script-driven internet sites can often take a lot of storage space as well. In order to employ a more recognizable analogy, the disk space of your PC is consumed not only by files you download, but additionally by documents you write and software programs you add. Similarly, a number of things are counted towards the hdd space your content uses on a web hosting server, not just the uploads.
Disk Space in Hosting
All our hosting plans were developed with the concept that not enough disk space can't be something that can stop the development of your sites. For this reason we've used an approach which is distinct from the one that most hosting providers take - instead of generating countless accounts on a single server and eventually not having enough hard disk space, we employ a cloud hosting platform where the storage is handled by a whole cluster of servers. As a result, we can always add more machines when they are needed and / or more hard disks, in order to provide additional disk space for the files of our clients. Individual clusters manage your email messages as well as your databases, so not only can you expand your websites without worrying about hard disk space, but also all of the servers will perform better and faster due to the fact that each service features its own storage space and an individual server doesn't handle various kinds of files.
Disk Space in Semi-dedicated Hosting
All our semi-dedicated server packages have "disk space" as a feature to accentuate that it's completely unrestricted. We are able to reach that with the help of a groundbreaking, in-house built cloud hosting platform, where your emails, databases and files will be kept on separate clusters of servers. We can easily add additional HDDs or entire servers to any of the clusters and whenever needed, and our website hosting Control Panel was created to function with this type of system. By contrast, nearly all of the Control Panels on the website hosting market can function only on one server, and regardless of what a large number of suppliers promote, they actually make a variety of accounts on a single machine. Using a semi-dedicated server package through our company, you will never have to concern yourself with hard disk space restrictions and you can give full attention to expanding your sites.
Disk Space in VPS Hosting
All our Linux VPS hosting offer a huge volume of hdd space in order to meet all your requirements but not limit the development of your web sites. Of course, if you'd like to operate a single resource-consuming website or several smaller-sized ones, you'll require more power altogether, which means that the higher the VPS plan, the more hdd space you'll have. Switching between the different packages is a piece of cake and the extra storage space will be included in your current account without transferring any data or stopping/restarting the server, so when you reach the storage limit of your existing package, you can always upgrade with a couple of mouse-clicks in your billing panel. As we supply several website hosting Control Panels for our virtual private servers, you have two options for the disk space control - using Hepsia, all of the websites share the overall server space, while when you use DirectAdmin and cPanel you're able to make individual accounts for the domain names and set an allocation for every account.
Disk Space in Dedicated Web Hosting
Our Linux dedicated web hosting include multiple hard disks in order to match the computing power that you will get, so that you won't ever have to be worried for not having enough disk storage. The hard disks can be used in RAID, meaning that one drive can be a mirror of another drive so as to make sure that all of your data will always be backed up, or you can use it as a stand alone for even larger complete storage capacity. Hundreds of gigabytes of disk space will be available at all times, thus you can run large web sites, upload big files and even duplicate your personal archive. Since a dedicated server is the most powerful kind of web hosting, you'll be able to upload/download files with extremely fast speeds. If required, we also provide you with the option to include more hard drives and utilize even more space for your data. We provide 3 hosting Control Panels with the dedicated servers - using Hepsia, all your domains will share the whole server space and they will be managed in one place, whereas with DirectAdmin and cPanel you'll have the possibility to set up separate website hosting accounts with pre-selected disk space allocations for every domain hosted on the server.