The success of your site relies not only on its actual content, but on the all round user experience and the latter may be greatly affected by the network connection to the website hosting server in which the site is hosted. A terrific site will do no good if, for example, several people can browse it really quick, but the channel capacity is low, so other visitors need to wait and are not able to load anything, or if everyone can reach the website, yet the overall network speed is very low, so it takes a minute to open a webpage, let alone to load a big image or a video. The network capacity is a component which could have a significant effect on your website, so it is something you must take into account when you select where to host your sites. Large throughput and access speeds will guarantee fast loading Internet sites and more content site visitors.
DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Hosting
You'll never encounter any difficulties with the access to any site hosted inside a hosting account on our sophisticated cloud platform. How quick your visitors shall be able to surf the given Internet site will depend entirely on their Internet connection, as the data centers where our website hosting servers are situated offer multi-gigabit connectivity and use dependable backbone providers to secure fast and continuous access to all of the servers. The data centers also have direct optical fiber connections to many large metropolitan areas in North America, Europe and Australia, so if you host your websites with us, you'll enjoy an excellent website loading speed from every location globally. We also use highly effective, high-quality network equipment to ensure that there'll not be delays of any sort whenever an individual opens your site.
DirectAdmin with Unlimited Domains in Semi-dedicated Hosting
The US data center facility where we offer semi-dedicated hosting packages has excellent connectivity to both the East Coast and the West Coast. The accounts are set up on our exceptional website hosting platform, which uses a multi-gigabit traffic channel, so when you host your Internet sites with us, the speed with which the visitors will open them shall depend completely on their Internet connection. The data center uses a range of Internet providers to guarantee that the servers can be reached 24/7, even if there are infrastructural issues, while the reliable network inside the facility guarantees uninterrupted connection between the separate clusters of servers that are part of our system. We also use top-notch hardware, like switches, network cards and firewalls, in order to deal with heavy volumes of traffic.