A variety of more than 40 well known web applications that you may install with simply a mouse click

One Key Hosting gives you an extremely easy way to set up your personal journal, community site or online photo gallery with a simple click. With our Apps created in–house by us, you will be able to start a full–fledged website choosing from over 40 PHP applications.

The Apps is included in the Web Hosting Control Panel that comes with our Linux hosting plans and servers (Linux semi-dedicated hosting, Linux VPS hosting and Linux dedicated web hosting).

Zero particular knowledge needed

Our Apps is an easy–to–work–with tool for creating your online journal, discussion board or online photo gallery in no time. You don’t need to possess any special web design or web development know–how to work with this tool. It entails a truly easy installation process – just select the application of your preference, enter the name of your web site and hit the Install button. Your brand new web site will be then published to the web within a couple of minutes.

We have picked web applications that are simple to use, so uploading new content to your website and modifying its look and feel will be child’s play. We maintain all the apps secure and stable and frequently update them to the newest stable versions.

Easy administration

When your app is installed, you’ll be able to immediately log in to its admin area from where you can upload content and make regular modifications. We store your admin area information, including the login address and the admin password, in the Web Hosting Control Panel, so you’ll always have them within your easy reach.

If you do not need the web application any longer, you will be able to delete it with a single click of the mouse via the Installer’s user interface instead of erasing all the files manually.

Select your software program from the signup form

On the signup page, you can select the app that you want and have it pre–installed in your hosting account. Just select your desired application from the drop–down list and it’ll be immediately installed for you and will be ready to use even before you log in. So, right after you log in, you’ll have a brand new, fully functional Wordpress or Joomla website in your Linux hosting or semi-dedicated hosting account.

You can use our 1–click Apps to install additional apps in your account after you log in to your Web Hosting Control Panel. More than 40 apps are available for you to select from.